The kitchen is where we create our very own range of delicious Cheerbrook ready meals, using our own meat cuts and the very best quality ingredients that you can also buy in the shop.

Meals are cooked like you would at home using traditional recipes, just in slightly bigger quantities, and then blast frozen as quickly as possible to retain that just cooked taste.

Dishes include Lasagne, Lamb in Red Wine, Beef in Guinness, a variety of pies and many more – all are perfect standbys for the freezer, when you have run out of time or just when you need a break!

Why not try…

Beef Wellington: Individual portions of our finest fillet of beef wrapped in puff pastry with Cheerbrook garlic mushroom pate and sauteed mushrooms.

Fish Pie: A classic – cod, salmon and smoked haddock gently poached and wrapped in a creamy sauce and topped with our best butter mashed potato.