Farm Shop


In addition to our butchery and deli counters and our homemade cakes, pies and ready meals, our well-stocked farm shop has a fantastic selection of produce from other local suppliers including seasonal fruit and veg and a daily delivery of freshly baked artisan bread.

We’re delighted to be able to stock such an array of local produce and it’s great to be able to support local suppliers who are committed to the same values and standards as we are. We do occasionally go further afield to bring you some amazing flavours and we are constantly reviewing our shelves and searching for something new to bring you. If you’d like to suggest a product that you think we ought to be stocking, please mention it to one of the staff when you’re in the shop or you can contact us here.

At Cheerbrook, we are also committed to delivering something above and beyond great tasting local food. Our hope is that we can deliver an experience, get our customers excited about the food they’re buying and create enjoyment in cooking and eating great food.

In fact, we hope that every time you come to the shop, we can stop you in your tracks with a new idea or a tempting flavour combination that you can’t wait to try at home. Our staff are just as passionate about this as we are so please don’t hesitate to speak to any of the team for help or advice when you’re in the shop, they’ll be more than happy to help.

Why not try…

Snugbury’s ice cream – made just down the road on a farm outside Nantwich, Snugbury’s ice cream is truly to die for!

Mornflake – another very local supplier, Mornflake make lots of deliciously oaty brekkie cereals, the perfect way to start the day.