Supplier of the Month

Our Supplier of the Month, locally produced Alison’s Fruity Cordials, has been working with us here at Cheerbrook for around 10 years. Alison’s Fruity Cordials offer a range of refreshing, versatile cordials, available here in both our farm shop and café at Cheerbrook.

17 years ago, from her home near Sandbach, Alison started making biscuits and selling them at various farmers markets. She gradually progressed to cakes and jams as she became more popular with the market customers. Alison won various awards for her produce including the Best of Made in Cheshire and the Northwest Fine Foods Gold Award two years running!

3 years later, she started making homemade lemonade cordial with a recipe passed down from her Grandma.

Following the launch of Alison’s lemonade cordial at the Nantwich Show the cordial proved so popular that Alison embarked on a voyage of experimentation and discovery using different fruits to develop her range of fruity cordials.

With a true passion for her product Alison continues to innovate and develop exciting new products, using seasonal fruits and flavours. Currently on the shelves here at Cheerbrook are:

• Cloudy Lemonade Cordial
• Pink Lemonade Cordial
• Peach Lemonade Cordial
• Cloudy Lime Cordial
• Cloudy Ginger Cordial

The perfect thirst quencher, our Cheerbrook café serves Alison’s lemon and lime cordials paired with sparkling water.

Fancy making your own refreshing cocktail?

Experiment with Alison’s Fruity Cordials, creating your own cocktails. Here is a recipe idea to get you started:

Classic Gimlet Cocktail

2.5 parts gin
1 parts Alison’s Cloudy Lime Cordial
Garnish: lime wedge

Pour the ingredients into a mixing glass with ice cubes.
Stir well.
Strain into a chilled cocktail glass (filled with fresh ice if you like)
Garnish with a lime wedge.

When you’re ready to drink, try wiping the rim of the glass with the lime wedge, gently squeeze it over the drink, before dropping it in.

To find out more about Alison’s Fruity Cordials or our range at Cheerbrook, contact us!



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