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Cheerbrook Farm Shop June 2018 Supplier of the Month Honey

David Buckley Cheshire Honey and Haughton Honey

Here at Cheerbrook, each month we have a supplier of the month, selected from our fantastic array of local suppliers. However, for June, we don’t just have one supplier of the month, we have two: David Buckley Cheshire Honey and Haughton Honey – local suppliers of our delicious, ready to eat pots of honey.


Great for boosting energy levels, used for skin care, even said to assist with wound healing – honey is famous for being such a great natural product with health benefits and a fantastic sweet flavour. As the saying goes, “It’s as sweet as honey.”


Not only is honey great for adding a bit of natural sweetness to your breakfast by simply spreading on toast or adding to porridge, it’s such a fantastic multi-use product which can also be used at lunch and dinner, or in starters, main courses and desserts!


It’s a well-known substitute where sugar is required, and we love using it to add a subtle flavour to casseroles, sauces and dressings, especially to create a caramelised flavour when barbecuing.

Hay Fever Remedy

Unfortunately, as we get closer to summer, the warmer weather results in increased levels of pollen, often causing frustration for hay fever sufferers.

Some people say that honey, local to their area is their natural go-to remedy. It’s thought that given its natural association with bees and pollen, eating honey can help build immunity to hay fever.

If you suffer from hay fever, why not give it a go!

Pick up your Cheshire honey in store today.

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