Supplier of the Month – February

Mornflake oaty cereal supplier at Cheerbrook Farm Shop

This month’s supplier of the month is Mornflake.

At Mornflake, everything they make is thanks to one mighty little grain – the oat!

Oats might seem like a fairly simple ingredient, but they have so much to offer, and Mornflake have over 340 years of experience in perfecting the methods for getting the very best out of them.

In fact, the family running Mornflake have been milling oats in Cheshire since 1675, making them Britain’s fourth-oldest family-owned company!

We at Cheerbrook are proud to stock such a terrific product with such a great heritage. From traditional oatmeal porridges to flavourful mueslis and crunchy granolas; these delicious breakfasts are made from the finest ingredients to put a smile on your face every single morning.

Come instore and pick up some feel-good oats today.

Mornflake Logo

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June & July

May 1st - September 9th: BBQ Season

It’s BBQ Season and our 3 for £10 on BBQ Packs offer is back by popular demand: 3 BBQ Packs for £10!

May 28th - June 3rd: National BBQ Week

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June 23rd: Slabs

Slabs create crisps with a difference. They believe that when it comes to crisps, size matters, making their crisps 4 times thicker than a regular! Try them here at Cheerbrook on 23rd June!

June 29th: Hemingway

Hemingway’s will be here on 29th June. Try their delicious homemade, 100% natural pesto.

July 18th: Greka Sauces

Greka sauces are now producing jams! Try both their delicious sauces and jams here at Cheerbrook on the 18th July.

July 21st: Berry Fresh Bakery

Berry Fresh Bakery supply us with fantastic, jams, chutneys, marmalades and curds made from the freshest ingredients. Give them a try on 21st July.