Our Top Picnic Tips


You can’t beat a picnic on a good day in the British countryside. Here are our top tips for the perfect picnic.

Prepare ahead

Get everything ready to serve before you go, favourites like pork pies and our famous scotch eggs travel really well. Pick up ready-made sides in tubs then you just need to pack plates and cutlery.

Stay cool

Some things (including Prosecco) are best kept cold. It might go without saying but make sure you pack in a cool bag with ice blocks.

Salads in jars

Make up a simple salad in a glass jar with the dressing in a separate jar. It avoids any squashing or wilting in plastic bags.


Easy to transport and add crunch. Roll down the top of the bag to make a self standing crisp bowl.


Cake travels pretty well and is easy to slice (and eat!) – our bakery has some classics ready for you to pack.




events calendar


December 8th - Slabs Crisps Tasting

Try these amazing chunky crisps!

December 10th - Clotton Hall Clotted Cream Tasting

Taste this delicious Cheshire Clotted Cream.

December 13th - Cottage Delight Tasting

Jam and chutney tasting with Cottage Delight.

December 15th - Christmas Order Deadline

The last day to get your Christmas order in.

December 15th - Mezzesoul Tasting

Taste Mezzesoul’s warming Middle Eastern inspired sauces.

December 20th and 21st - Wine Tasting

Wine tasting with our local supplier Rodney Densem Wines.

December 22nd - 24th - Order Collection Days

Collection days for Christmas orders.