Easter Offer – 10% Off Lamb

As we enter March we get set to welcome Spring, meaning that Easter will soon be upon us.

Here at Cheerbrook, with Spring comes delicious melt in the mouth British lamb, fresh from our fantastic new supplier, Simon Moss from Warmingham.

To celebrate Easter last year, we offered 10% off our lamb, and this year, the offer is back by popular demand – Perfect for cooking a traditional Easter Sunday roast!

10% off Lamb
AND, our expert butchers will even marinade the lamb with mint or rosemary for you, for FREE!

Expertly prepared by our award-winning butchers, our Cheshire reared lamb is beautifully succulent and ideal when getting the family together at Easter.

Offer available from Tuesday 27th March – Saturday 31st March. To pick-up yours, come instore, contact us HERE, or give us a call on 01270 666431.

Cheerbrook Farm Shop Easter Lamb Offer 10% off Lamb

“How do I cook a leg of lamb?” guide

Some people may get a little intimidated by the thought of preparing, cooking and serving lamb, however, by following some basic notes from a how to cook lamb rulebook, it’s easy to cook it to melt in the mouth perfection. Below are our top Cheerbrook tips for cooking a leg of lamb:

Preparing the lamb

Lamb is a meat popularly used worldwide, and as a result, there a range of marinades which provide an array of flavours. Our favourites, especially at Easter time, are mint or rosemary – and you can marinade your Cheerbrook lamb with either mint or rosemary, for free.

How to roast

If you’re looking for that melt in the mouth meat which lamb is famous for, cooking on low and slow is the key! Preheat the oven to 190C/170Cfan/gas 5. Place the lamb on the hot bars of the oven above a tray of vegetables. That will allow the veg to catch all the deliciously flavoured juices.

Tip to avoid overcooking

Simply taking notice of the weight is the trick to avoid overcooking. Calculate how long it needs in the oven:

Medium – 25 minutes per 500g, plus 25 minutes (better for melt in the mouth)
Well done – 30 minutes per 500g, plus 30 minutes

How best to avoid undercooking?

1) Make sure the oven has been preheated to the required temperature.

2) As tempting as it may be, don’t open the oven too much – doing so will decrease the temperature

3) Ideally, place the meat on the middle shelf

4) Not as essential, however, it’s handy to have a meat thermometer to check the meat is cooked throughout

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