British Beef Week – 10% Off Beef

Great British Beef Week returns this year, starting on 23rd April, St. George’s Day, and finishing on the 30th, the last day of the month.

The week is all about celebrating the fantastic beef which farms across Britain produce. Here at Cheerbrook, we have the finest succulent beef which Cheshire has to offer, coming from the Holdcroft family farm in Audley, and, for the week, we have a fine offer to match:

10% off Beef

All our beef comes with our beef guarantee:

  • Minimum 21 day dry-aged
  • Locally reared
  • Expertly prepared by our award-winning butchers
  • Reduced carbon footprint with less food miles (less miles to get from farm to shop)

We stock an array of beef products, from our delicious porterhouse steak burgers to joints of topside which are perfect for a roast dinner.

Offer available from Tuesday 24th April – Sunday 29th April. To pick-up yours, come instore, contact us HERE, or give us a call on 01270 666.

Great British Beef Week Get 10% off Beef at Cheerbrook Farm Shop

“How do I roast a joint of topside beef?” guide

Preparing the beef

Temperature: Take large joints out of the fridge between a half an hour and an hour before cooking. This allows the beef to get more towards room temperature, helping it to cook more evenly.

The Fat: We recommend avoid any temptation to remove any fat. The reason being simple – it adds more flavour and keeps the joint moist. Of course, if you prefer not to eat it, just remove it after it’s cooked.

Seasoning: If you’d like to add a ‘crust’ on the meat, grinding some black pepper or rubbing a little English mustard powder into the fat is what you need to do.


Ideally, you want to choose a roasting tin that’s a little larger than the joint. If you can, avoid using something too large. Doing so means that your precious gravy juices will evaporate!

With the meat positioned in the centre of the oven, you’ll need to calculate the cooking time. To make sure that the cooking time is accurate, it’s highly important that the beef is put into a preheated oven. Preheat the oven to 220C/ fan 200C, gas 7, cooking larger joints on a high heat for the first 20 minutes. This allows the heat to penetrate the meat and creates a good crust on the outside. After those 20 minutes, you’ll need to reduce the temperature and deduct those 20 minutes when calculating the overall cooking time using the guide below:

Oven 180C   |   Fan 160C   |   Gas 4
Medium Rare: 20 minutes per 500g
Medium: 25 minutes per 500g
Well Done: 30 minutes per 500g

Tip: Leave the oven door open for a couple of minutes to help it cool down.

There’s no need to cover your beef while it cooks. Leaving it off will assist with getting a good crust on the outside.

Adding a peeled and halved onion and few sprigs of herbs such as thyme or rosemary while your beef cooks will caramelise the onions and add more flavour to your gravy.


Taking the roasting tin out of the oven and tilting so all the juices collect in one corner should allow you to spoon and drizzle them over the joint. Doing this 2 or 3 times whilst the joint cooks is a great way of adding to flavour.

 “Is it ready?”

Piercing the thickest part of the joint with a skewer and checking the colour of the juices is the best way to check if your beef is cooked to your liking.

Medium Rare: if juices are pinky red
Medium: if juices are slightly pink
Well Done: if juices run clear

For larger joints, meat thermometers are useful. Avoiding any bones, simply push the probe as close as possible to the centre and leave it for around 20 seconds before taking a reading.

Medium Rare: should read 50C
Medium: should ready 60C
Well Done: should read 70C

Before serving

Despite how good it will smell, leave it to rest! This allows any juices on the outside of the meat to settle back into the joint and will make it juicier and easier to carve. Transfer the joint to a warm platter or clean board and cover with foil. Leave it to rest for 20 minutes before carving – it’s worth factoring this in if you’re looking to serve for a particular time. During the resting time, you can make the gravy and finish off any last minute trimmings too.

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