Cheerbrook Rewards Card

Cheerbrook Farm Shop Rewards Card

The Cheerbrook Rewards card was originally launched in January 2017.

Here at Cheerbrook, we value our customer feedback. That’s why we recently ran a survey, asking our Cheerbrook Rewards Card holders what they thought of the previously existing scheme and what they would like the scheme to look like going forwards.

After listening to the feedback, the clear majority of our Rewards Card holders expressed that they would like the scheme to change.

The new Cheerbrook Rewards scheme, starting in July 2018

For every £1 spent you will earn one point which will equate to 1p

These points can be saved up and redeemed whenever you wish.

If you don’t have a Cheerbrook Rewards card yet, simply sign up at the till with a few contact details and we will set your card up for you there and then and start collecting points immediately!

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