Thank you for your donations


September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month. We’re really pleased to say that our Bones for Bones scheme has raised £241.29 this year. Thank you so much to everyone who’s donated. For those of you that don’t know about the scheme, it’s an idea we started almost 5 years ago – for a small donation you can get a tasty bone for your four legged friends, the proceeds are then given to a local cancer research charity.

We’ve always provided bones for customers – they are a natural butchery by-product and our skilled butchers cut through them to maximise taste for our furry companions. We decided it was a great opportunity to contribute as a business to the South Cheshire branch of Bloodwise (formerly named Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research) by asking our generous customers for a small contribution in return for each bone. The charity receives much-needed funds, we minimise wastage and support our sustainability objectives, and our four-legged friends are kept happy!

We’d love other butchers and farm shops across the UK to get involved and help support a very worthy cause.

Find out more about Bloodwise here

events calendar


8th July - Harry’s Milkshake

A Cheerbrook tasting event.

14th July- MezzeSoul

A Cheerbrook tasting event.

21st July - Hemingway’s Pesto

A Cheerbrook tasting event.

22nd July - Berry Fresh Bakery & Black's Cheese

A Cheerbrook tasting event.

28th July - Rodney Densem

Wine tasting with our local merchant.


12th August - Country Puddings

Tasting event with free samples to try.

19th August - Berry Fresh Bakery

Tasting event with free samples to try.


16th September - Greka & Berry Fresh Bakery

Tasting event with free samples to try.

30th September - Artisan Food

Tasting event with free samples to try.