Bank Holiday BBQ!


Planning a BBQ? Think Cheerbrook!

We’ve got everything you need, all provided by our fantastic local suppliers.

The foundation of a great barbecue. Our meat is locally farmed and expertly prepared by our butchery team so you’re getting the very best quality while supporting British farmers. Plus you can grab a bargain with our 3 for £10 mix and match BBQ packs.


Try our halloumi and veg kebabs, they’re a really tasty alternative to our meat options.



Every burger and hot dog needs a bun! Our traditionally made bread, supplied by superb local bakers in Crewe and Woore, makes the perfect partner.

We’ve got some really yummy homemade side dishes, our luxury coleslaw and potato salad are BBQ favourites.

If you have any room left, try cooking a Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding on the BBQ – wrap in foil and heat gently until cooked. For a lighter option, the first of the season’s strawberries from Oakchurch Farm have just arrived!

Whether it’s soft, hard or hoppy, red, white or bubbly we’ve got all tipples covered.

Have a lovely BBQ!


events calendar


8th July - Harry’s Milkshake

A Cheerbrook tasting event.

14th July- MezzeSoul

A Cheerbrook tasting event.

21st July - Hemingway’s Pesto

A Cheerbrook tasting event.

22nd July - Berry Fresh Bakery & Black's Cheese

A Cheerbrook tasting event.

28th July - Rodney Densem

Wine tasting with our local merchant.


12th August - Country Puddings

Tasting event with free samples to try.

19th August - Berry Fresh Bakery

Tasting event with free samples to try.


16th September - Greka & Berry Fresh Bakery

Tasting event with free samples to try.

30th September - Artisan Food

Tasting event with free samples to try.